Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pics from LA this past weekend...

Our friend Atsushi was down from SF for the PCP show at GR2 Gallery and just hanging. These are pics he just sent me. Couple more days til another weekend, hang in there.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How good times lead to good ideas.

Nathalie Roland and I had a nice cup of coffee and worked at little at the We Cafe. Such a nice little spot off the Haight with free internet and big couches.

We worked for a couple of hours on our laptops among other laptopers, before getting really hungry and going to King of Thai for some warm noodle soup and rice.
It was there that Nathalie came up with having all the Poketo crew carrying a secret ring... like a club ring. A ring that was embossed, so that when we write letters, we can dip the ring in wax and seal our conversations. I would love to have a 'letterman' style ring. Anyone out there a ring maker? Above are some sketches.

Poketo Show Pics at Receiver Gallery, SF 12/10

What an awesome night and show this was! Thanks to everyone coming out.

Suzanne Husky and Charline

Chris Pew and Chris Duncan and Little Aya

Jessica checking out Isaac Lin's stuff

Nathalie Roland and Dan Lee of Scrabbel

Chris Pew installation above

gallery from outside, during breakdown of show

gallery during breakdown

estereo played a couple of sets

me and jessica

Thien, Stanley, and Garth
receiver gallery will have all the work documented soon on their website.